Flying Over Sunset - I Have It All Lyrics

2021 Broadway
Flying Over Sunset the Musical - I Have It All Lyrics

The song is written by Tom Kitt and Michael Korie. Performed by Tony Yazbeck (Cary).

I have it all
I’m the man I want to be
What man on Earth
Wouldn’t trade his life to be me
My face says fame to a hundred million fans
And sets more hearts aflame than any other man

DR. HARRIS: (spoken)
Do you enjoy that?

CARY GRANT: (spoken)
Everyone wants to be Cary Grant doc, even me

We actors, well, now and then I get confused
It’s hard to tell what is real and what’s illusion
They pick me up in the morning
And drive me to the set
Groom me, wax me, dress me, light me
Every need is met
Gorgeous women flirt with me
Sometimes men, and yet
None of it is real
But it is
But it’s not
What it is
I forget

DR. HARRIS: (spoken)
I see

Then homeward bound
To be bored with Betsy Drake
I lie around and retire with a headache
And then I can’t wait to get to the set again
Get made up groomed and dressed
The illusion feels more real than the rest
I have it all
I have it all
I just wish I were somewhat less blessed

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Flying Over Sunset Lyrics I Have It All

Flying Over Sunset the Musical Lyrics

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