Here We Are - Final Song Lyrics

2023 Off-Broadway
Here We Are the Musical - Final Song Lyrics

The song is written by Stephen Sondheim.

FRITZ: (spoken)
Not that we want to be superficial

I like things to shine
Shoot me.
I like things to glow
Why can't I be free
To like what I see
And not I know?
I'd like to live life
All my life,
In this room
In this gorgeous,
Goddamn room
I don't mean
In this room
But I mean
In this room
With these textures,
And these surface.
All these touchy-
Feely surfaces
Goodness me
How superficial
Well what's wrong
With superficial?
I want things to shine
Hit me.
Is that so bizarre?
I want things to gleam,
To be what they seem,
And not what they are.
Call me-


For god sake
I don't need to read
Between the lines,
The lines are just fine,
As long as they shine
Give me what shines
Give me-

Hold it!
*burping noise*


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Here We Are the Musical Lyrics

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