Here We Are - Cafe Everything (Part: 2) Lyrics

2023 Off-Broadway
Here We Are the Musical - Cafe Everything (Part: 2) Lyrics

The song is written by Stephen Sondheim.

I am so sorry, sir, but
We’re out of Abalone om-e-lettes
Although I have to say they are delicious
And I’m sure you’d like them if we had them
But we don’t

Nor have we any hash
Never mind the curried goat
And wait, I made a note
Oh yes, the

Right, who had the duck?
You’re out of luck

As for the blood pudding
Well, I wouldn’t recommend it anyway

On behalf of the entire management and staff
And international consor-ti-um
That owns and operates the Café Everything
I can’t apologize enough

I just may go and kill myself
That’s what I’ll do, I’ll kill myself
I’d rather kill myself
Than have to tell you we’re completely out of food
(How rude!)
Of any kind
(Never mind!)

I should have given you some warning
But it’s been a very busy morning

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