It Shoulda Been You - What They Never Tell You Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
It Shoulda Been You the Musical - What They Never Tell You Lyrics

"What They Never Tell You" is a song from the musical It Shoulda Been You performed by Tyne Daly (Judy). Lyrics by Hargrove and Jill Abramovitz.

You think it's like in fairy tales and books
How the earth stops
And the clouds part
And the handsome prince falls right into your lap.
And you're kaput.
You melt like cheese.
But really, please!

Here's what they never tell you.
You never really know.
You get a feeling
Feel a something.
Take a breath and go.
There's no big crazy moment.
Instead it's bit by bit.
You'll make him laugh, he'll make you soup,
The shoe begins to fit.

And what they never tell you;
You choose if he's the one.
He's not a prince.
He's just a man,
When all is said and done.
'Cuz no one is that perfect.
Life is not that neat.
So take a chance,
And take his hand,
And jump with all four feet.

You can't live expecting your life to be Snow White or Cinderella.
Where everything is pretty and pink and pretend.
Just go and write your own story
With your best friend.

And let a mother tell you
Marriage goes like this;
You have your spats
You have your doubts
You swing, you hit, you miss.
But ask me if its worth it,
Would I do it all again?
When I think of my girls,
And I quell from my life
and I look at my Murray from so long ago,
Then you'll really know.

[Thanks to Katie for lyrics]

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What They Never Tell You Lyrics It Shoulda Been You the musical lyrics

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