It Shoulda Been You - Where Did I Go Wrong Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
It Shoulda Been You the Musical - Where Did I Go Wrong Lyrics

"Where Did I Go Wrong" is a song from the musical 'It Shoulda Been You' performed by Harriet Harris (Georgette).

Where did I go wrong?
This is not what I planned in the least
Didn't want him to belong
To someone else till I was deceased
At thirteen I bought him a Bible
Wanting a celibate priest
When he didn't pray along
I sang a different song

Told him bachelorhood was grand
Once your charms have all been revealed
You'll be forever in demand
There's nothing wrong with playing the field
Though social diseases are awkward
With antibiotics they're healed
(Herpes outbreaks don't last long!)
I guess he took it wrong

You give them love and treat them like kings
A sweet pastiche of mother and son
They get one chance and cut the apron strings
Hasn't changed a bit, no denying it
The shorter the leash, the further they run!

Even tried to turn him gay
Bought him Barbie and Skipper and Dawn
Let him know it was okay
And we played dress up with eye makeup on
I took him to everything Sondheim
Those halcyon days are all gone
(He looked so cute in that sarong)
Would that have been so wrong?
How could he take on a wife?
I am the girl in his life!
Did that sound a little strong?
Where did I go wrong?!

[Thanks to Abby for lyrics]

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Where Did I Go Wrong Lyrics It Shoulda Been You

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