I Love You Because - Goodbye Lyrics

2006 Off-Broadway
I Love You Because the Musical - Goodbye Lyrics

The song is written by Joshua Salzman and Ryan Cunningham.

Marcie, Marcie’s mine
And I’m hers and it’s true
She isn’t perfect and that’s fine
But what happens now
To the life I thought I knew?

I had my whole life planned out
There was no surprise to speak of
I knew without a doubt
What life was all about
But now I’m caught because I’m choosing
Between the life I may be loosing
And Marcie who I love

I tried to stay at a course
I think of Marcie and I wander
There’s this pulling, aching force
And I’m certain of the source
At first I did my best to completely destroy it
Now I’m starting to enjoy it

Is this goodbye to knowing my next move
Goodbye to knowing where I stand
This change isn’t small
Do I go back on all
I planned
And say hello to uncertain mornings
Just we can take it from there
But I may regret this choice
Cause I’m reeling
It’s too much to bet
On a whim that I’m feeling
Too much is resting on my saying goodbye

Then there’s Marcie
Who sees who I am
And still has the nerve to care
I know that Marcie, won’t give a damn
If I plan my life out or leave up to chance
Or set up shop on the moon
She’ll love me anyway
So I say

Goodbye to my expectations
Goodbye to everything I know
No rules to obey
So I’ll wake everyday
And I’ll go
We’ll see to who knows what
Who cares as long as Marcie’s by my side
I used to just do what was planned and prepared
I wouldn’t trust chance because I was too scared
But Marcie is my reason know to try
So to who I used to be and the life I thought I wanted

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I Love You Because the Musical Lyrics

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