I Love You Because - Maybe We Just Made Love Lyrics

2006 Off-Broadway
I Love You Because the Musical - Maybe We Just Made Love Lyrics

The song is written by Joshua Salzman and Ryan Cunningham.

I can’t let my romantic side get the better of me
We’re just friends who really like one another
We just happen to end up doing what two really good friends do
Like a crossword
Or a puzzle
Or each other
Things aren’t any different now than they ever were before
This doesn’t mean… It couldn’t mean anything more

After Katherine, I never thought I could feel this way again
She was my one and only and of those there can be only one
But then, what do I make of Katherine,
Who forgets what we had back then?
I was her one and only, but now it’s ended,
It’s over, it’s done

Maybe I’m stupid
To hold on now to this ideal
And maybe I’m crazy
To feel the things that I now feel
But maybe with Marcie, I’ve found something real
Maybe, maybe, maybe
Maybe we just made love

But it can’t be right, there’s no way
I could’ve recovered so fast
She must just be a rebound,
Even Jeff said so and he’s right
I’m just setting myself up yet again for
flawed romance that will never last
This will never work out. What do I know?
Who knows? It might?

Maybe I’m foolish
And deserve the pain that all this brings
And maybe she’s using me
And I’m imagining all these things
Or maybe it’s a puppet show
And I’m failing to see all the strings
Maybe, maybe, maybe
Maybe we just made love

How can a feeling strong
Be wrong?
It can’t
Emotion this pure must be right
How can ignoring my gut be
The best thing to do?
It can’t
I need her
And I’m gonna tell her so tonight

Maybe I’m missing
My whole life and can’t see what’s at stake
Or maybe I’m reckless
And fell running right toward more heartache
Maybe I’m wrong and we just made a huge mistake
But maybe, maybe, maybe
I’m definitely positive
Maybe, maybe, maybe
Yes! I’ve never been more certain
Maybe, maybe, maybe
Maybe we just made love
We just made love
We just made love
We just made love

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I Love You Because the Musical Lyrics

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