I Love You Because - Just Not Now Lyrics

2006 Off-Broadway
I Love You Because the Musical - Just Not Now Lyrics

The song is written by Joshua Salzman and Ryan Cunningham.

Stop there, Austen, hold it, freeze
Give me a second, would you please?
You said a lot there and I’m just not there
I need to think your honesty real
And it appeals to my emotions
Which is great, but I’m sure
Now’s no the time for romantic notions

I want true love someday
But, just not now
A picket fence clichй
But just not now
How can I make you see
Though this feels right to me
Now’s not the time to be
Quite where you are

You’re here too soon
And though I know
It sounds unfair
If you would wait for me, I swear
I’ll meet you there
I need some time to heal
And though your love seems real
I’m not prepared to feel
The way you do

Let’s take this time
We’ll wait it out
Or else we’ll crash and burn
I’m lost
And I don’t know
What true love’s all about
Please give me time to learn

I want so much to say
Okay, I love you too
I will, but not today
You know, I know you do
And though it’s hard you must
Control your hear and trust
I want with you
Just not now

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I Love You Because the Musical Lyrics

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