Next to Normal - Didn't I See This Movie? Lyrics

2009 Broadway
Next to Normal the Musical - Didn't I See This Movie? Lyrics

Didn't I see this movie, with McMurphy and the nurse?
That hospital was heavy, but this cuckoo's nest is worse.
Isn't this the one where in the end the good guys fry?
Didn't I see this movie, and didn't I cry?
Didn't I cry?

NATALIE (spoken)
Why didn't you take me with you?

DAN (spoken)
We don't see much of you these days. Is this Henry a good influence?

NATALIE (spoken)
Like, compared to what?

DAN (spoken)
Okay, that's fair. Your mother is in for a new treatment. ECT.

NATALIE (spoken)
Okay, LMNOP, what is that, I don't know?

DAN (spoken)
Electro-convulsive Therapy. Shock therapy.

NATALIE (spoken)
You're kidding, right? That's bullshit.

DAN (spoken)

NATALIE (spoken)
It's bullshit! She trusts you!

DAN (spoken)

What makes you think I'd lose my mind for you?
I'm no sociopath, I'm no Sylvia Plath

NATALIE (spoken)

I ain't no Francis Farmer, I don't fight for you

NATALIE (spoken)
Go away!

So stay out of my brain
I'm no princess of pain
Didn't I see this movie, where the doctor looks like you?
Where the patient for impatient and said, "Sorry, doc, I'm through?"
I know where this is going, and I know what you're about.
Cause I have seen this movie and I walked out
I walked out
I'm walking...

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