PARAMOUR - Writer's Block Lyrics

Broadway Show From Cirque du Soleil (2016)
Cirque du Soleil PARAMOUR the Musical - Writer's Block Lyrics

He gets his film he gets his star
And I’m alone with my guitar
The girls that I’ve loved all along
Left a songwriter who can’t write a song
So how am I supposed to write
A tune to make the heart take flight
And also make my soul forget
I’m only half of loves duet

Cause if a broken man in a state of shock
Cannot make a friend of his writers block
Then what do you do

It’s the pain that makes the art
Like when love just falls apart
Well I should use my jealousy
As a fuel to crank out this tune within me
But what supposed to do
If I can’t make her dreams come true
And while I hope that she succeeds
I can’t give her the song she needs

Cause if there’s not a key that fits to unlock
An imprisoned mind from a writer’s block
Then what do I do

[Thanks to Sarah for lyrics]

℗ 2016 Cirque du Soleil Musique Inc.
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