Parade - Finale Lyrics

2023 Broadway revival
Parade the Musical - Finale: The Old Red Hills of Home Lyrics

Leo, oh Leo
I know he'll protect you
And don't be afraid;
I'll be fine here - you'll see.

Farewell, my Leo -
You're right here beside me
You're here by the door
And you're holding my arm
And you're stroking my hair
And you're finally

Mr. Frank?

What is it?


Happy Memorial Day.

I go to fight for these old hills behind me,
The old red hills of home.
I go to fight for these hills that remind me
Of a way of life that's pure,
Of the truth that will endure
In the city of Atlanta,
In the old red hills of home!

God bless the sight of the old hills of Georgia,
The old red hills of home.
Praise those who'd fight
For the old hills of Georgia
For those proud and valiant men,
We'll sing "Dixie" once again
For the men of Marietta:
For the brothers of Cobb County:
For the fathers of Atlanta:
For the patriarchs:
Who gave ev'rything for Georgia
And the old red hills of home!

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