Parade - You Don't Know This Man Lyrics

2023 Broadway revival
Parade the Musical - You Don't Know This Man Lyrics

You don't know this man,
You don't know a thing.
You come here with these horrifying stories,
These contemptable conceits,
And you say you understand how a man's heart beats,
And you don't know a thing...

You don't know this man,
You don't even try.
When a man writes his mother every Sunday,
Pays his bills before they're due,
Works so hard to feed his family,
There's your murderer for you,
And you stand there spittin' words,
That you know aren't true

Then you don't know this man.
I don't think you could,
You don't have the right to know,
A man that wise and good,
He is a decent man.
He is an honest man.
And you don't know.
And you never will.
Not from me,
Not from anyone who knows him,
Not a morsel,
Not a crumb, not a clue.
I have nothing more to say to you.

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You Don't Know This Man Lyrics Parade

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