Parade - Pretty Music Lyrics

2023 Broadway revival
Parade the Musical - Pretty Music Lyrics

Don't you think that's pretty music?
Those fellas sure can play
That beat was really made for dancin'
Yes, ma'am, that's pretty music
I could dance the night away
Listen how that song's so sweet and true
But truth to tell, not half as sweet as you!

Don't you think that's pretty music?
This song sure makes you smile
Shame you don't visit here more often
Take a breath, it's pretty music
Just listen for a while
If your feet won't follow your commands
Just put yourself in Governor Slaton's hands!

Now, now, my, my
That's quite an introduction, if I do say!
Look out! Too high!
I've benched, but hold tight or you'll fly away!
I like a girl who's bold
But just keep it all controlled
Good Lord, I'm getting old
Just dancing with you to that pretty music today!

That's it, that's right
I found myself a partner and ain't she sweet?
That's it, that's right
I found me a girl who can keep the beat!
My steps and yours agree
What more could heaven be?
My dear, I guarantee
When you're dancing with me all the world's at our feet!

So don't you stop that pretty music
Sure makes me feel alive
If I can dance with you today
We'll show these other folks the way!
Those girls are fine, it's true
But I'm a lucky guy 'cause I can dance with you
So turn that ankle
Let that music play!

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Pretty Music Lyrics Parade the Musical

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