Michael Cerveris and George Hearn - Pretty Women Lyrics

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Michael Cerveris and George Hearn - Pretty Women Lyrics

"Pretty Women" is a song from Sweeney Todd the Musical performed by Michael Cerveris and George Hearn.

[Michael Cerveris:]
Now then my friend.
Now to your purpose.
Patience. Enjoy it.
Revenge can't be taken in haste.

[George Hearn:]
Make haste and in this work you'll be commended sir

[Michael Cerveris:]
My lord and who may it be said is your intended sir?

[George Hearn:]
My ward pretty as a rose bud

[Michael Cerveris:]
Pretty as her mother?

[George Hearn:]
Huh? What was that?

[Michael Cerveris:] (spoken)
Nothing sir. Nothing. May we proceed?

Pretty women
Sipping coffee, Dancing...
Pretty women
Are a wonder.
Pretty women!

Sitting in the window or
Standing on the stair
Something in them chills the air.
Pretty women

[George Hearn:]

[Michael Cerveris:]
Stay within you,

[George Hearn:]

[Michael Cerveris:]
Stay forever,

[George Hearn:]
Breathing lightly...

[Michael Cerveris:]
Pretty women,

[George Hearn and Michael Cerveris:]
(together and alternating)
Pretty women!
Blowing out their candles or
Combing out their hair,
Combing out their hair then they leave
Even when they leave you
and vainish they somehow can still
can remain there with you
Even when they leave
They still are there.
They're there
Ah! Pretty women,

[Michael Cerveris:] At their mirrors

[George Hearn:] In their gardens

[Michael Cerveris:] Letter-writing

[George Hearn:] Flower-picking

[Michael Cerveris:] Weather-watching.

[Michael Cerveris and George Hearn:]
How they make a man sing!
Proof of heaven as you're living,
Pretty women! Sir, pretty women!
Yes pretty women,
Pretty women,
Pretty women,
Pretty women.

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Pretty Women lyrics Michael Cerveris George Hearn

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