Jim Walton - Growing Up Lyrics

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Jim Walton - Growing Up Lyrics

"Growing Up" is a song from Merrily We Roll Along the Musical performed by Jim Walton and Company.

Jim Walton:
Thanks old friends keep reminding me
Frank's old friends always seem to come through.
Frank will too so old friends,
Now it's time to start growing up
Taking charge seeing things as they are facing facts,
Not escaping them, still with dreams,
Just reshaping them. Growing up.
Charlie is a hothead,
Charlie won't budge Charlie is a friend.
Charlie is a screamer,
Charlie won't bend,
Charlie's in your corner.
Mary is a dreamer, Mary's a friend,
Mary is a nutj- Mary is a purist, Charlie's a judge.
Charlie is a dropout, everything's a cop out,
Why is it old friends don't want old friends to change?
Every road has a turning that's the way you keep learning.
So old friends, don't you see we can have it all?
Moving on, getting out of the past?
Solving dreams, not just trusting them.
Taking dreams, reajusting them.
Growing up, growing up.
Trying things, being flexible, bending with the road,
Adding dreams when the others don't last.
Growing up, understanding that growing never ends.
Like old dreams, some old dreams.
Like old friends.
Life is knowing what you want, darling.
That's the only thing to know.
As I told you moons ago darling,
Nothing wrong with wanting...
Nothing wrong with wanting me, darling.
Also nothing wrong with not.
Though it's only fair that you should
be aware that I want you a lot.
Growing up means admitting
the things you want the most.
Can't pursue every possible line.
Folding tents, making choices,
Ignoring all other voices, including mine.
You're divine.
You decide on what you want, darling.
Not on what you think you should.
Not on what you want to want, darling.
Not from force of habit.
Once it's clearly understood,
Darling, better go and grab it.
Things can slip away for good, darling.
What is it you really, hmmm?

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Growing Up lyrics Jim Walton song lyrics

The songs is written by Stephen Sondheim

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