Victoria Clark - Don't Laugh Lyrics

Sondheim! The Birthday Concert 2010
Victoria Clark - Don't Laugh Lyrics

"Don't Laugh" is a song from Hot Spot performed by Victoria Clark.

Maybe it’s my name
Maybe it’s my face
Maybe it’s my both
All I know is
Show me a glass of water,
I'll show you a soggy dress.
Show me a tube of toothpaste,
I'll show you a mess.

Show me a fresh laid side walk
and guess where my foot prints are
Show me a fire hydrant
I’ll show you my car

Show me the latest dance step
I’ll show you the latest fall
Show me the train to Boston
I’ll show you St. Paul

Show me a hundred lighters,
I'll show you the one that won't.
Show me a priceless vase
No don't!

Show me a cancelled party
I’ll show you the only guest

Show me an open manhole
And I’ll do the rest

Show me a broken window
I’ll show you a bat and ball

Show me the boat to Europe
I’ll show you St. Paul

Ask me to give directions
I’ll show you a vacant lot

Show me a knot that’s tangled
I’ll show you a tangled knot

Show me a nest of hornets...
Maybe I can do
Don't laugh

Maybe I can do
Don't laugh

Maybe you could be
Who knows proud

Alright, so laugh
But not too loud.
If I can convince
Don’t laugh me,
Why can’t I convince don’t laugh you
Give me half a chance
Just half, and then,
Don’t laugh maybe I could be proud of me too.

Sondheim The Birthday Concert Lyrics
Don't Laugh lyrics Victoria Clark

The songs is written by Stephen Sondheim

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