Working - Just A Housewife Lyrics

2012 Revised Version
Working the Musical - Just A Housewife Lyrics

All I am is just a housewife
Nothing special, nothing great
What I do is kinda boring
If you'd rather, it can wait
All I am is someone's mother
All I am is someone's wife
All of which seems unimportant
All it is is just my life
Do the laundry, wash the dishes
Take the dog out, clean the house
Shop for groceries, look for specials
God, it looks so Mickey Mouse
Drop the kids off, pick their shirts up
Try to lose weight, try again
Keep the troops fed, pick their things up
Lose your patience, count to ten
Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...
All I am is just a housewife
(Just a housewife)
Nothing great
(What I do is)
Out of fashion
(What I feel is)
Out of date
(All I am is someone's mother)
Right away, I'm not too bright
(What I do is)
(So the TV talk shows tell me every night)
I don't mean to complain at all
But they make you feel like you're two feet tall
When you're just a wife
(Just a housewife)
All they see are the pots and pans
And the Pepsi cans
Of a person's life
(My life)
You're a whiz if you go to work
But you're just a jerk
If you say you won't
(Just a housewife)
People say that they think it's fine
That the choice is mine
But you know the they don't
What I do, what I choose to do
May be dumb to you
But it's not to me
Is it dumb that they need me there?
It is dumb to care?
'Cause I do, you see
And I mean, did you ever think
Really stop and think
What a job it was
Doing all the things a housewife does?
I'm afraid it's unimpressive
(All I am is someone's mother)
Nothing special
What I do is unexciting
(What I do is kinda dull)
Take the kids here, take the kids there
I don't mean to complain at all
(All I am is)
My life
(All I am is)
Busy, busy
(Ev'ry day, all I am is)
Like my mother
(All I am is)
Just a housewife

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