Sail Away - The Little Ones’ ABC Lyrics

1962 West End
Sail Away the Musical - The Little Ones’ ABC Lyrics

Composer and lyricist Noel Coward.

Oh what a jolly little jocular
Group we are.


Vocalize and harmonize
When mother cries
One, two, three-go.
Try, if it's possible to keep on key,
Sing the letters after me.

Just how corny can you be?

If you sing when you are blue
You find you
Never have to care a rap,
When the skies are dark and grey,
You just say-

What a lot of crap!

And W.X.Y.Z. or Zee.
This is my personal recipe
For the little ones' A.B.C.

A. Stands for Absolutely Anything,
B. Stands for Big Brass Bands,
C. Stands for Chlorophyll,
D. Stands for Dexamil,
E. Stands for Endocrine Glands,
F. and G. Don't suggest a thing to me.
Nor do H.I.J.K.L.
But after L. comes M. for Mother
And Mother's going to give you Hell.

A. Stands for Artichokes and Adenoids,
B. Stands for Bolts and Belts,
C. Stands for Cottage Cheese,
D. Stands for Dungarees,
E. Stands for Everything Else,
G. Of Course
Stands for Getting a Divorce
And F. Sometimes stands for Fridge,
But if I really were your mother
I'd throw myself from Brooklyn Bridge.

A. Stands for Romeo and Juliet,
B. Stands for Ku Klux Klan,
C. Stands for Bethlehem,
D. Stands for M.G.M.,
E. Stands for 'So's Your Old Man',
F. and G. Stand for Home in Tennessee
And we know H. Stands for Stoats,
But after L. comes M. for Mother
And Mother'd like to slit your throats!

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The Little Ones’ ABC Lyrics Sail Away

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