Sail Away - Beatnik Love Affair Lyrics

1962 West End
Sail Away the Musical - Beatnik Love Affair Lyrics

Composer and lyricist Noël Coward.

Why suffer from moral convictions
Social restrictions?
Let’s thumb our noses at
Cold wars and atomic predictions
They’re merely a waste of time

Let’s make a romantic decision
Follow a vision
Now is the moment to see clearly
And realise that really
We are on the brink of it
Come to think of it

You and I could have an
Upright, downright
Watertight, dynamite love affair

We could either play it
Upbeat, downbeat
On beat, off-the-beat
Fair or square

Heigh! for those flip calypsos
Ho! For that rhythmic din
Heigh-ho for those dopes and dipsos
Rum punch, coconuts, Gordon’s gin

Think if we tried out
Some little hide out
On some tropical isle?
Naked and warm from dawn til moonrise
Somerset Maugham-wise
Blue Lagoon-wise

When we lie upon the beach at night, dear
We can watch that Russian satellite dear
Whizzing through the air
As we carry on with our
On beat, off beat
Beatnik love affair

You and I could have an
In-board, out-board
Bed and board, overboard
Love affair

All we need’s a little on-key, off-key
King sized, organised
Time to spare

There by the Caribbean
We’ll cross the rubicon
We’ll have by the deep blue sea an
All-out, roustabout carry on.

We’ll get a man tan
Gargantuan tan
On those shimmering sands
Far from those crowds of small-time naggers
We’ll read aloud
The Carpetbaggers

Ev’ry time we hear a seagull whistle
We’ll forget our last misguided missile
Just destroyed Times Square

As we carry on with our
Upright, downright
Watertight, dynamite
In-board, outboard
Bed and board, overboard
On beat, off beat
Love affair

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Beatnik Love Affair Lyrics Sail Away

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