Sail Away - Later Than Spring Lyrics

1962 West End
Sail Away the Musical - Later Than Spring Lyrics

Composer and lyricist Noel Coward.

Later than Spring
The warmth of Summer comes,
The charm of Autumn comes,
The leaves are gold.
Poets say
That the blossoms of May
Fade away
And die.
Yet, don't forget
That we met
When the sun was high.
Later than spring
Words that were said before,
Tears that were shed before
Can be consoled.
Realize that it's wise to remember
Though Time is on my wing,
Songbirds still sing
Later than Spring.

Have no fears
For future years.
For sweet compensation you may find
Make your bow
To the moment that is now,
And always bear in mind.

Later than Spring
Though careless rapture's past
No need to gaze aghast
At days gone by,
If you will you can still
Feel the thrill
Of a new desire
Feel that glow
When you know
That your world's on fire.
Later than Spring
Remembered April showers
May bring our present hours
A clearer sky.
We pretend and pretend it's the end
But the pendulum must swing,
Nightingales sing
Later than Spring.

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Later Than Spring Lyrics Sail Away

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