Sail Away - Go Slow Johnny Lyrics

1962 West End
Sail Away the Musical - Go Slow Johnny Lyrics

Composer and lyricist Noël Coward.

Go slow, Johnny,
Maybe she'll come to her senses
If you'll give her a chance.
People's feelings are sensitive plants,
Try not to trample the soil and spoil romance.
Go slow, Johnny,
No sense in rushing your fences,
Till you know that you know
Your stars are bright for you,
Right for you,
Mark their courses,
Hold your horses,
Speak low, Johnny,
Tip toe, Johnny,
Go slow, Johnny,
Go slow.

Go slow, Johnny,
Slow goes it,
Wait a bit, Johnny,
There's no need to stampede.
Don't forget if you wish to succeed
One truth had better be faced,
More Haste less Speed.
Watch those road signs,
They'll indicate a bit, Johnny,
Which direction to go,
Rely on time and tact,
Face the fact
You're no Brando,
Speak low, Johnny,
Tip toe, Johnny,
Go slow, Johnny,
Go slow,
Go slow, Johnny,
Go slow!

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Go Slow Johnny Lyrics Sail Away

Sail Away the Musical Lyrics

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