1975 American musical film
At Long Last Love - PLOT

New York, 1935. Broadway star Kitty O'Kelly fights with and gets dumped by her boyfriend at her penthouse apartment after having too much to drink ("Down In The Depths"). Italian gambler Johnny Spanish wins a poker game and returns to his shabby downtown apartment ("Tomorrow"). Spoiled heiress Brooke Carter returns to her hotel suite after a night out, only to be given an official notice by her maid Elizabeth, saying that they will be evicted unless she settles the bill ("Which?"). Playboy millionaire Michael Oliver Pritchard III drives home with his chauffeur and valet Rodney James after being bored with partying all night long ("Poor Young Millionaire"). The hungover Kitty runs out on a road and hails Michael's limousine, mistaking it for a taxi. Rodney manages to avoid her, but he still causes a minor accident. Michael and Kitty start chatting and take an instant liking to each other.

Brooke and Elizabeth go to the race track in order to raise money for the hotel bill by betting on horses. They run into Johnny, whom Brooke dislikes. Brooke bets her last $300 on the same race as Johnny. Johnny's horse wins while Brooke's comes dead last. After the race, Johnny offers Brooke and Elizabeth a lift in his car. Elizabeth declines, but nudges Brooke to accept the offer. Kitty and Michael, increasingly smitten, drink champagne at his apartment, while Brooke and Johnny go for a car ride. Brooke finds herself warming to Johnny and confesses that she has not heard from her mother, who sends her money from her fortune, in three months. Johnny offers to settle her hotel bill, which Brooke gladly accepts ("You're the Top").

Michael and Rodney go to see Kitty's musical and wind up sitting next to Brooke and Johnny. As the show begins Brooke recognizes Kitty as her former schoolmate Kathy Krumm ("Find Me a Primitive Man"). Afterwards Michael, Brooke, and Johnny visit Kitty backstage and the two girls reunite. The four of them go to the nightclub and Michael invites them to his country house for the weekend. On the way, they pick up Elizabeth who finds herself immediately attracted to Rodney, much to his annoyance. Then they stop at Johnny's place and Brooke is disappointed to find he's living in a poor apartment building. Kitty and Michael manage to bring them back to a good mood ("Friendship").

The next morning, Rodney and Elizabeth fix breakfast for their employers while recovering from a drinking binge which resulted with another car crash at the country house doorway. She tries to seduce him, to no avail ("But in the Morning, No"). Johnny apologizes to Brooke for lying to her and promises he'll make a fortune soon. When she remains mad at him, he goes for a walk around the grounds. He runs into Kitty and flirts with her. Michael squirts shaving alcohol in his eye and accidentally bursts into Brooke's bedroom. They are slightly embarrassed, but amused by seeing each other half dressed ("At Long Last Love").

Later, the foursome play football when Michael's mother Mabel comes to visit. She invites them to a dance party at the Racquet Club and they reluctantly accept the invitation. The club consists of uptight senior citizens which causes bored Michael, Brooke, Johnny and Kitty to play tricks on the guests. Brooke and Michael sneak out to the back yard, but they are noticed by Kitty and Johnny who quietly leave the party ("Well, Did You Evah!"). Mabel interrupts Brooke and Michael to tell them that Kitty and Johnny went back to the city.

While sharing a taxi with Kitty, Johnny comes up with a scheme to make Brooke and Michael jealous by following them around and pose as a couple in front of them. She agrees to do it as a stunt, but eventually they spend a night at her place ("From Alpha to Omega"). Brooke and Michael return to his country house and she openly tries to seduce him, which she succeeds ("Let's Misbehave/It's De-Lovely"). Elizabeth does the same with Rodney by barging into his bedroom and forcing herself on him ("But in the Morning, No").

Kitty and Johnny make out in front of Brooke and Michael at a baseball game and a boxing match, but they try to ignore them. Michael is struck by their relationship, though Brooke is unperturbed. Finally, at a movie theatre, Michael fights with Johnny in the men's room. They make up immediately afterward. Consequently, Michael breaks up with Brooke, and Johnny breaks up with Kitty ("Just One of Those Things").

Brooke stays in her suite for days and doesn't return Johnny's calls, who in the meantime has won $500,000 in a card game. Kitty avoids Michael, who buys a horse called Kathy-O. Brooke reads about the purchase in the paper and mourns her lost relationship ("I Get a Kick out of You"). Brooke's mother sends a telegram informing Brooke that she has deposited $1,000,000 in her account. Elizabeth persuades Brooke to go shopping. Kitty and Brooke accidentally meet in the powder room of the Lord & Taylor store and tearfully forgive to each other. Along with Elizabeth, they state their disenchantment with men ("Most Gentlemen Don’t Like Love"). Kitty and Brooke make plans to go dancing in the evening before leaving for a walk. Elizabeth phones Rodney and hatches a plan with him.

Walking in the park, Kitty complains of her unrequited love for Johnny, and Brooke of hers for Michael ("I Loved Him, But He Didn’t Love Me"). Rodney, Michael, and Johnny arrive at the club. Rodney dances with Elizabeth, finally reciprocating her affection. Michael and Johnny take to the dance floor and attempt to rekindle their relationships with Kitty and Brooke, respectively. The two couples make up at the dance floor ("A Picture of Me Without You"). The bandleader asks the dancers to change partners and they do. Dancing with Kitty, Johnny observes that Brooke has never been more lovely. Michael, dancing with Brooke, notes that Kitty has never been more beautiful.

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