Poor Young Millionaire Lyrics

1975 American musical film
At Long Last Love - Poor Young Millionaire Lyrics

The song is written by Cole Porter.

After hunting all over
for pleasure
With some measure
of success

Are you singing to me, sir? No.
I was just singing to myself.
Yes, sir. Go right ahead, sir.

I've decided the pace
known as rapid
Leads to vapid
And I'm;

Tired of betting, tired of sporting,
tired of flirting, tired of courting
Tired of racing, tired of
yachting, tired of loafing
Tired of rotting
Tired of dining, tired of wining
Tired of tea-ing
Tired of being tired
fired, '(wed
Won't somebody care
For a poor young millionaire?

Mr. Pritchard.
Don't stop, Rod.
I just need a little air.
Sir, wouldn't the window suffice?
Please don't slow down.
If you knew what blues meant,
you'd find me amusement.
Well, I've tried.

I've tried.
Step on it, Rod.
God knows I've tried.
I've had every thrill
From a Rolls-Royce
to a Ford
And there's no concealing
the fact I'm feeling
Bored, bored

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