Find Me a Primitive Man Lyrics

1975 American musical film
At Long Last Love - Find Me a Primitive Man Lyrics

The song is written by Cole Porter.

Now, before this modern idea had burst;
About the women and children first;
The men had much more charm
than they have today
And if only one of that type survived
The very moment that he arrived
I know I'd fall in a great big way;
I can't imagine being bad
With any Arrow collar ad
Nor could I take the slightest joy
In waking up a college boy;
I've no desire to be alone
With Rudy Vallee's megaphone
So when I'm saying my prayers
I say

Find me
A primitive man
Built on
A primitive plan
With vigor and vim
I don't mean the kind
that belongs to a club
But the kind that has a club
that belongs to him

I could be
The personal slave
Oi someone
Just out of a cave
The only man
who will ever win me
Has gotta wake up the gypsy in me
Find me a primitive man
Find me
A primitive man

Trouve moi
Un homme primitif
Trouve moi
Un garcon naif

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