At Long Last Love Lyrics

1975 American musical film
At Long Last Love - At Long Last Love Lyrics

The song is written by Cole Porter.

Is it in marble;
Or is it in clay?
Is what I thought
a new Rolls
A used Chevrolet?
Is it a sapphire
Or simply a charm?
Is it real fire
Or just a false alarm?
Is it today's thrill;
Or really romance?
Is it a kiss on the lips
Or just a kick in the pants?
Is it the gay gods
Cavorting above?
Or is it
At long last

Talking to yourself?
Uh, yeah, a little.
Nice day.
Oh, that's Italian. Ah,
for the day and for you.
Well, I think I'll go get
a cruller or something.
Yeah. Auf Wiedersehen.
Ah, Kathy.
Little Annie Orphan no home yet.
No, huh?
What about Dick Tracy?
Oh, still the same.
Is bad.
Sure is.

Is it the rainbow;
Or just a mirage?
Will it be
tender and sweet
Or merely massage?
Is it a brainstorm
In one of its quirks?
Or is it the best;
The crest
The works'?
Is it for all time
Or Simply a lark?
Is it the Lido I see;
Or only Asbury Park?
Should I say thumbs down
And give it a shove?
Or is it at long last

Talking to yourself?
I was just thinking
about... things.
Anyone I know?
Well, don't go away.
I'm just gonna...
Be right down.

Is it an earthquake
Or simply a shock?
Is it the good
turtle soup
Or merely the mock?
Is it a cocktail
This feeling of joy?
Or is what I feel
The real McCoy?
Have I the right hunch
Or have I the wrong?
Will it be Bach I shall hear
or just a Cole Porter song?
Is it a fancy love
We're thinking of?
Or is it at long

Oh! Hoo-hoo!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I've got alcohol in my eyes.
Well, that's an original way to drink.
No. Shaving alcohol.
You shouldn't drink that at all.
I wasn't drinking it.
Could we continue this
conversation later? Gladly.
Thank you. Could I ask you
one question before I go?
What's that all over your face?
Thank you.
Why don't you go shave?
I Will.

Is it a breakdown
Or is it a break?
Dee, Dee, Dee, Dee
Is it a real porterhouse
Or only a steak
What can account for
These strange pitter-pats?
Could this be the dream
The cream, the cats'?
Is it to rescue
Or is it to wreck?
Is it an ache in the heart;
Or just a pain in the neck?
Is it the ivy you touch
With a glove?
Or is it at long

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At Long Last Love Songs Lyrics

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