From Alpha to Omega Lyrics

1975 American musical film
At Long Last Love - From Alpha to Omega Lyrics

The song is written by Cole Porter.

You're such
a Ne plus ultra creature
What was that?
That if I had your photo
I couldn't pick
my favorite feature
I like you so in Toto
Oh, thank you.
In every way,
from every angle
You're the bangle
I long to dangle
Very convincing.
I'll say that much for you.
Or from basement to roof
From Wagner opera
to opera bouffe
Go on. I love it.
I love it!
From alpha to omega
From alpha to omega
I thought you said "alfalfa."
You were made for me
"From alpha to alfalfa."
You are nice.
You know that?
From left hooks
by Dempsey
To Braddock's uppercuts
From Jericho to Kokomo
Not to mention
from soup to nuts
Is this part of the show?
From Journal
until Mirror
I'm not so good on that turf.
From coast to coast
Oh, I don't know about that.
From Juliet to Norma Shearer;
You're what I like
the most;
And from morning
until evening
Will you stun yourself with wine?
Till from alpha to omega
You are miiiiiiine!

From cotton plowed under;
From Benzedrine
to Ovaltine
Not to mention
from go to stop
That's my house.
Ah, that's your...
From corn muffins
to Triscuit
From fat;
To thin
From Zev
to the young Seabiscuit
I'll bet on you to win
And will you beat me
and maltreat me
And bend
my Spanish spine?
From alpha to omega

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At Long Last Love Songs Lyrics

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