Bend It Like Beckham - Harrier's Preparation/ Just a Game (Reprise) Lyrics

New Modern British Musical (2015)
Bend It Like Beckham the Musical - Harrier’s Preparation/ Just a Game (Reprise) Lyrics

It's a game
A game and nothing more
A game I love but then again
I knew there'd come a moment when I'd close the door
My life I always knew was either or
The game is part of me it's true
But there are other people too I can't ignore
But when I'm out there in the cold
And it's just moments from the end
And the crowd is going wild
And there's this shot we need to bend
I'll miss my friend
My girl, my crazy friend
Who changed my game

It's a game
This day it's just a game
A little secrecy and skill
You disappear, the show will still go on the same
So play the game
I know, I know, I'd be the first to say
That it's your duty to be here
But here you are now disappear
And make the game

It's a game, to her it's all a game
To her it's nothing but a laugh
And once she's found her better half
She'll lose the flame
And as for me I'm mad to feel this way
To feel I'm more than just a friend
To keep on trying to pretend she feels the same
And yet the girl can really play
In ways I've never seen before
And I can see the way she dreams
And how her spirit dares to soar
And then I'm sure
She's sure it's so much more
Than just a game

Such a beautiful day
Such a masterful plan
It's a beautiful day
Babaji, Babaji, are you there?
Bless this day, bless this pair
It's a beautiful thing
It's your game


That's right, your special game
The game you've talked so much about
No way your mum was missing out
So look who came
Let's not let you-know-what be some big deal
When as they say, push comes to shove
Black, bi or gay I'll always love you just the same
You're not to blame
You can't decide which way you swing
It shouldn't ever be a thing to bring you shame
Now win that game

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