Bend It Like Beckham - Look at Us Now/ Golden Moment/ Get Me Lyrics

New Modern British Musical (2015)
Bend It Like Beckham the Musical - Look at Us Now/Golden Moment/Get Me Lyrics

MR BHAMRA: It seems like only yesterday we were married in Nairobi
MRS BHAMRA: He was a boy from the town…
MR BHAMRA: She was a girl from the hills…
Together we made what we could of our skills
MEN: And the sweat of our brow

WOMEN: Ah yes, but look at us now
MEN: Look at us now
WOMEN: Look at us now.

MEN: We sorted biscuits by day
WOMEN: We carted lipsticks by night
MEN/WOMEN: Together we learned how to dream and to fight
WOMEN: Seeking a ? of this lough
MEN: Ah yes, but look at us now

Look at us now
Look at us now.

This is our moment
Our golden moment
We hoped, we coped
We kept our nerve
Now don’t you think that we deserve to take a bow?
One final task, and then we ask for nothing more
This is what our dreaming was for
MEN: Some made their way making [?]
WOMEN: Some made their bills running stalls
ALL: Did anyone not work for quakable walls?
MAN: We all swam here somehow
ALL: Yes, and just look at us now
Just look at us now

The boy is here. Ah, you’re just in time.
Pinky and the girls have prepared a traditional Indian dance for us

PINKY’S FRIENDS: Wa-a-a-a-ah--ah, Wa-oh-oh-oh
Less the chit-chat and prepare to cheer
‘Cause the fittest little lady in the ‘hood is here
Her mother’s joy, her father’s pride
Straight from the pages of Asian Bride
Time, we think, for a king-sized pinkie stone
Prime your glasses ‘cause here comes Pinky!

PINKY: Yeah me! With my perfect hair!
And my perfect bum! And my perfect hair!

Let you slackers meet!
You is [??]
And your killer teeth
She's runaway gorgeous
Like, ultimate sikh

PINKY'S FRIENDS: Innit! Innit!

Like breakaway bridal
She is heading for a wedding which is
Gonna make you totally freak!
Talk about chic!

MRS BHAMRA: Got my wedding cards, got my seating plans
FAMILY: She’s gone the whole nine yards

Got my 22 outfits
Got my 23 bridesmaids      FAMILY:
Got my 24 carats              24 carats!
Got my 25 cousins            25 cousins!
Got my 26 courses            26 courses!
Got the man!                   Got her man, got her man, got her man!
Got my bezzie ?        
Desi                               Bezzie 
Monkey                          Desi 
Punky                            Punky, punky, desi, 
Man!                             Man!

MR BHAMRA: She is the pitch-perfect bride
MRS BHAMRA: He is the rich handsome groom
FAMILY: Together their hope and their joy fill the room
WOMAN: Till their first married row!
WOMEN: Ah, but just look at them now
Look at them now
Look at them now
WOMEN: Look at them now
FAMILY: And in this moment
This golden moment
WOMEN: He seem so shy
MEN: She seems so small
As there they stand before us all
To take this vow

Whatever walls are [???]
They lie in store
This is what our slaving
Our scrimping, and saving
Yes this is what our dreaming was for!
Just look at us!

MAN: Lamb every day of the week
WOMAN: Loos so delux they don’t leak
WOMEN: Just look at us
MEN: All of the scotch we can drink
To think we were once on the brink
Just look at us
Look at our lives
Just look at our
Concreted drives
Just look at the
Bling on our wives!
WOMEN: Just look at us!
MEN: Just look at us!
WOMEN: Just look at us!
FAMILY: Just look at us!

GIRLS: Go Pinky! Go Pinky! Go Pinky! Go Pinky!
BOYS: Go Pinky! Go Pinky! Go Pinky! Go Pinky!

Jesminder! Where the bloody hell have you been?
Jesminder, go upstairs and get dressed properly

JESS (spoken): Oh my god,
Becks, you’re not gonna believe it!
I just got picked! For a proper team!
Playing on a proper pitch with...
Corner flags and floodlights and nets, the lot!

This is where my life begins
Where this one-time loser wins      BHAMRA FAMILY:
And nothing they say can take       Bless this day
The triumph away                    And bless this moment
This is how a roving soul           yes bless this moment
Sees at last that girl's in goal    This golden moment
And nothing they say can dim        Bless this day
This magic day                        Bless this day

Got my one and only
And that man                         Bless this day
One and only                          And bless this moment,
Yes bless this moment
Not for a moment                   This golden moment
Not for a moment                    Bless this day, bless this day

Gotta dream all you can dream
Gotta do all you can do
Put some punch in your issue
If you wanna wind up girl-perfect
JESS/HARRIERS: Girl perfect, girl perfect…

They are the beat of my heart
They are the light of my soul
Together these two make me happy and whole
MRS BHAMRA: What more can Baba allow?
MR BHAMRA: Just look at her, look at her
MR BHAMRA/MRS BHAMRA: Just look at them now
FAMILY: Just look at them, look at them.
Look at them now

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