Bend It Like Beckham - People Like Us (Reprise)/ Glorious (Reprise)

New Modern British Musical (2015)
Bend It Like Beckham the Musical - People Like Us (Reprise)/ Glorious (Reprise) Lyrics

There once was a man
With a gleam in his eye
But the gleam disappeared
And the world just jeered
So the dream stayed a dream
A dream which was left to die
But people like us deserve to shine
Not content to toe the line
People like us can't keep on giving in
People are changing all around
Try to find some middle ground
If people just see beyond a person's skin
Then maybe we can win

Basic freedoms, like you said
Yes, there's bound to be a bumpy road ahead
But it's my road, let me shine
Yours was hard, but that was your road
This is mine
Half your fear is that it's clearly high time
It's my time

They'll tell you you're a dreamer
That your head is full of air
That wishing for the moon will never get you anywhere
Well that's the lesson I was told
And never learned to see
What they tell you doesn't matter
My worst enemy was me
Why couldn't you?
Why shouldn't you?
Yes, why couldn't you?
Why shouldn't you?
Go out and be glorious
Do something that I couldn't
We change, we grow
And now I know I'm blessed
My girl can be glorious, glorious
If she just keeps believing
That one day she'll be up there with the best

Two daughters made happy in one day
What more could father want?
Well at least I taught you full indian dinner
The rest is in Gods hands

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