Bend It Like Beckham - First Touch Lyrics

New Modern British Musical (2015)
Bend It Like Beckham the Musical - First Touch Lyrics

Team skills, ball skills
Life skills, all skills
Require that certain age-old knack
Of zoning in while stepping back
Curved shots, straight shots
Long shots, great shots
They're lost if you so much as blink
If brain and boots are out of sync
You've got to teach your head how not to think
Don't think, just do it
Tell yourself that there's nothing to it
Add a dash of trust and just jump in
Don't over-plan it
There's no formula carved in granite
Will's all it will take to make it spin

Just try a little less hard
Apply a little more joy
Feel a little more a sun
Reveal a little bit more of you
Than you're used to showing
The you inside, wide-eyed, outgoing
The you worth knowing

So if you wanna bend that shot
Give it tenth of all you've got
And you'll be amazed by what
Just doing can do
Just give a little bit less
And live a little bit more
Go a little off-road
And show a little bit more of Jess
Than the frown she's wearing
The Jess who's fun
The one worth sharing
Who's different, daring…
So the lesson

JESS/JOE: For today
JOE: Is you need to
JESS: Feel the force
Feel your way
And the lesson truly learned
Is a hurdle: undermined, overturned
JOE: And you can clear those mental blocks
JESS: If you think outside the box!
Then there's a hope of a chance
You might be rewarded by the sight
Of a miracle in flight
JESS/JOE: So if something just feels right…
JESS: Right…
JOE: Right?
JESS: Right…
JOE: Right!

Everything you/I said was true! All you need to do is do it!

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First Touch lyrics from Bend It Like Beckham the Musical

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