Bend It Like Beckham - Tough Love Lyrics

New Modern British Musical (2015)
Bend It Like Beckham the Musical - Tough Love Lyrics

Does she see what she does to me?
Does she know how I care?
How I try, though I wonder why
When her gift is a glare?

If she knew what I’m going through
If she felt what I feel
She’d be more what a mum is for
I’d have less to conceal
Instead, every bloody word is said to bruise me
Nothing that I do is right

Lately all I've heard is her accuse me
Of making life a lifelong fight                        JESS:
Well if that's love                                         Love clings
She'll discover quickly enough                       But as I've discovered,
In love                                                        Love stings
Me and Bhamra junior
Can both play rough, beware                       'Cause it's funny stuff
Love will soon be rather more tough
Become tough love.                                     This stuff called love.
Can’t she see all I want to be is a friend and a guide?

JESS: If she knew what a word can do, then she’d know why I hide

But she never seems to hear the things she’s saying
Meting out the same old song
Made a whole career of cheerless praying
‘Cause everything I do is wrong
And if that’s love

JESS: Maybe she should love a bit less
ENSEMBLE: ‘Cause love, love aches
Seems to be the mother of all distress
We share
Nothing but a name and address
Small wonder that it gets a bad press
Yes, love is tough
Is blind
Is cruel
What kind of fool would dare to love?
Knowing that it causes this pain?
To love?
JESS: When love poisons you with puzzles which melt your brain
It’s mad
MRS BHAMRA: It’s engineered to send us insane to bad
Too bad, tough love
Since we’re all stuck with love
With love

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Tough Love lyrics from Bend It Like Beckham the Musical

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