Bend It Like Beckham - More Fool Me Lyrics

New Modern British Musical (2015)
Bend It Like Beckham the Musical - More Fool Me Lyrics

Who knew it?
Boy wonder
Who’d guess you could get it so wrong?
You timed it too early
You came on too soon and too strong
Now look where you’ve landed
Full of hurt and empty handed
Wrong girl, wrong time, wrong place
Six words that leave me summing up one case
What kind of fool would tear a team apart?
What kind of fool idea was that of teamwork?
I blundered in and now my blundered heart is under lock and key
Well more fool me
So no prizes
Young lover
In future try using your brain
One error, boy wonder
She knows you bring nothing but pain
You scuppered you chances
Following your heart’s advances
Wrong girl, wrong time, wrong place
When slow and steady might have won the race
Cause any fool will tell you fools rush in
And wind up winning losers’ trophies
And what I’ve lost i’m now afraid to win
And fear I’ll always be
Well more fool  me
Yes more fool me
For allowing my heart to lead
And giving me the one thing I don't need
Another lesson in the game of love
Another reason not to show my feelings
Another signal sent from up above
Which any fool could see
And this fool would agree
Means more fool me
Yes more fool me

[Thanks to Alicia for lyrics]

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