B Is for Beer - The History of Wonder Lyrics

2018 The Musical by Ben Lee, Tom Robbins & Michael B Wells
B Is for Beer - The History of Wonder Lyrics

Back at the beginning, there was absolutely nothing
Only infinite potential and the Hindus call it Brahma
'Til a moment of expansion that
We cannot really fathom happened
Fourteen billion years ago (Bang!)
The universe was born in a sudden burp of energy
Atoms starting forming they're the yeast and grain of matter
And next hydrogen was cooling,
Spawning stars and supernova
And the sky lit up like Hollywood
Now we had a solar system,
And what we now call earth
A petri dish for algae,
Rife with primal cell division
That began hermaphroditic,
Made an elegant transition
To sex and sex, more sex and sex

This is the history of you and me
This is the history of wonder
The history of what we crave
This is the history of wonder

Vertebrates, invertebrates and jellyfish, anemones
The things that crawled out of the sea, paleontology
Dinosaurs, yeah, they were scary,
Asteroid collision theory
And then the world got colder
Chimpanzees were changing and becoming homo sapiens
It's still somewhat controversial, what a magical mutation
Ritual and hunting tools and living space and painting
Poetry in motion
Societies of foragers and tribal rank and social strata
Complex forms of hierarchies, matriarchal, patriarchal
Evolution, revolution, politics, it adds a sparkle
Watch the world go round

And as for love? Well some will say
It lights the road, it leads the way
It calls you out of what you know
For space to breathe, the will to grow
The dreams of men that came before
And everyone who wanted more
The plant that grows towards the light
The hero who did what was right
The dreams that haven't happened yet
It's what we give and it's what we get

Pre-historic deities and shamanism, pantheism
Platonism, Taoism and Buddhism, Confucianism
Judaism, Islam and the secret Christian mysticism
Everybody's praying
Pythagorean theory on the music of the spheres
Madame Blavatsky said the world
We see is not what it appears
And to Carl Jung the psyche seemed
A mix of alchemy and dreams
And synchronicity
Stimulants and sedatives and opioids and entheogens
Caffeination, insufflation, medicines, hallucinogens
Altering the organism, hated, loved and feared
And what about beer?

This is the history of you and me
This is the history of wonder
This is the history, an endless sea
This is the mystery of what could be

Our accidental, transcendental,
Monumental, experimental
Integrating mix and blending,
No repeating, never ending
Always yearning, always learning,
Archetypal hero's journey
The history of wonder

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