B Is for Beer - Crazy Uncle Song Lyrics

2018 The Musical by Ben Lee, Tom Robbins & Michael B Wells
B Is for Beer - Crazy Uncle Song Lyrics

"Crazy Uncle Song" is a song performed by Paul F Tompkins (Uncle Moe) from B Is for Beer the Musical.

Uncle Moe:
My role is to stir the pot
Inspire your mind, take the fall
While your parents fuss and grumble
That's my job, after all 'cause I'm...

The crazy uncle
Take flowering female hop plants
Add water, yeast and grain
It turns into a magic brew
That can ease most human pain
Unless I am mistaken

Bubbling with blue-collar zest
Popular even though it's gassy
It's said Zen monks enjoy beer
Never smug yet kind of sassy
Pharaohs invented it, I hear

Its beginnings were egalitarian
Even though it's quite proletarian

Beer's humble but has aplomb
Though in the bowel sometimes a bomb
And while 'aplomb' may be bunk, I'll
Have one more, then go cheer your mom
'Cause I'm the crazy uncle

Hope that when I'm good and sober
I don't forget and let her down
Should they veto that pup
I'll come across as just a clown
And not the crazy uncle

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Crazy Uncle Song lyrics from B Is for Beer the Musical

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