Doctor Zhivago - On the Edge of Time Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
Doctor Zhivago the Musical - On the Edge of Time Lyrics

When you spoke, you broke me open.
Set my mind and body soaring.
Every word I still remember.
Every whisper carries through.

In your eyes, I saw the starlight.
Like a beacon, never dimming.
In your arms, I was forgiven.
Lifted higher, borne on you.
You were always there beyond the dark.
Lighting my existence. You, my answered prayer.
My midnight sun glowing in the distance.
Daring me to dream blazing from afar.
One star to guide me through.
'Til I was here on the edge of time with you.

You showed me a place where hope was real.
Not a mere illusion. One unguarded space,
My heart would heal from its mad confusion.
Sheltered from the storm in your warm embrace.
A graze I never knew. I know at last.
On the edge of time with you.

ZHIVAGO: All the pain, all the years of silent despair.

All at once, disappear like mist in the air.
Like mist in the air. Let me share unhurried days.
What days are left in your love's protection.

Hold you in my arms so I can see God in his perfection.
This is why I live.

LARA: Why I live.

ZHIVAGO: This I know is real.

LARA: Only this is real.

BOTH: To feel the way I do. Forever free.

ZHIVAGO: Forever true.

BOTH: On the edge of time with you.

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On the Edge of Time Lyrics Doctor Zhivago the Musical,
Dr Zhivago lyrics On the Edge of Time

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