Doctor Zhivago - It's a Godsend Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
Doctor Zhivago the Musical - It's a Godsend Lyrics

Men: Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Misha (spoken): Pashenka, you're about to spend long,
Cold nights in the trenches,
Wondering why you ever left your friends behind.
So here's a book to remember us by!

Lara (reading title) : Great Palaces of Russia .

Pasha: Great Palaces? For a revolutionist?
Is this a joke Misha?
What on earth am I supposed to do with this on the front lines?

Misha: no, no, it's quite serious. It's-

Pasha (sung): Of course Misha, I see
What a brilliant gift
This resilient gift
For the Russian-German line!
For I cannot think of any better bullet sheild
As I dodge an exploding mine
Than a fat book of palace protocol
The Czar in his marble bulliard hall!
May it guard my heart as my comrades fall
From shrapnel overhead.
And if I'm hit
Who gives a shit?
Let the Czar take one instead!
Oh no ordinary gift we receive  here
It's a godsend, it's godsend
To remind us of the decadence I leave here
It's a godsend
To a Marxist man!
In that hellhole in the woods
When I go to the latrine
When my army issue has no toilet tissue
Every crap I take, for the crap we took
It's a godsend this book!

Misha: I found this in the marketplace .
Pasha: a woman's nightgown ?
Misha: No, the clerk told me it was a nightshirt for a soldier.

Pasha: Did you read inside Misha? Femme Petite.
These must be for the French army !
Such a festive gift
This suggestive gift
All my trenchmates will rejoice
When we're doubled up in sleeping bags for warmth at night
I'll be everyone's first choice!
No ordinary gift you impart here
It's a godsend , it's a godsend
Spread the fire in every Russian heart here
For we start here my subversive friends! Da!

Lara: I have an announcement.
This morning I became Larissa Antipova.

Tonia: How could you not tell us?!

Pasha: What German would dare take my life
when Lara's waiting for me in Moscow?
If indeed there is a God
Which I'm not so certain of
You're the proof imperical
A modern miracle!

All: The stars smile down from heaven above
What a godsend is love !

[Thanks to Nemo for lyrics]

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It's a Godsend Lyrics from Dr Zhivago

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