Funny Girl - You're a Funny Girl / Beekman Call Lyrics

2022 Broadway revival
Funny Girl the Musical - You're a Funny Girl / Beekman Call Lyrics

The song is written by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill.

Baby, you're sure funny
If you're one thing, honey
You're a funny girl
You constantly have me in stitches
Doubled in half
And though you may be all wrong for a guy
You're good for a laugh
I tell you though, honey
You don't seem so funny

Beekman 4119
Tom Lefton
Hello, Lefty!
Nick Arnstein
Good, good
Listen, are you still trying
to peddle that fancy bond deal?
Because I'm in a listening mood these days
Well, that don't bother me
so long as it's profitable!
I'll need 68,000 in advance
Well, let's put it this way
You've got the 68 grand
And risk or no risk, you've got me
I'll be there

Wеll, to me it ain't so funny
Funny girl

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