Funny Girl - Cornet Man Lyrics

2022 Broadway revival
Funny Girl the Musical - Cornet Man Lyrics

The song is written by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill.

FANNY: (spoken)

The lady ain't been born
Can take the place of a horn
With a cornet man
A-goin' where there's blowin'
Travellin' cornet man
Just anytime they call him
He'll leave his wife and kiddies
Sitting with their tongues out
To play for peanuts in a dive
And blow his lungs out
He'll hop a choo-choo on a moment's notice
To play some dates with Billy Bates
And Rag-time Otis

The lady ain't seen light
Can give the horn a fair fight
With a cornet man
A rootin', shootin', ever-tootin' Dapper Dan
Who carries in his satchel
A powder-blue Norfolk suit
A silver-platеd wah-wah mute
There's-a whiskеy, gamblin'
Each one's a curse
But I'm up against a devil that's worse
Yes, his horn's my thorn
He’s my travellin' cornet man

Pick it up, Ottessa!
I’m Fanny by the way, nice to meet ya
Boy, are you gorgeous!
I know this part!
My mama taught me this one
My daddy taught me this one
Back it up, boys
I’m takin’ us home!

A powder-blue Norfolk suit
A silver-plated wah-wah mute
'Cause, he's shy on height
He's short on weight
But he's the only guy to make my coffee percolate
Dapper Dan
My cornet-playin' man

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