Watch Your Step Lyrics

2016 world premiere
Goosebumps The Musical - Watch Your Step Lyrics

The song is written by Danny Abosch and John Maclay.

EMILE: (spoken)
What are you doing messing around with that platform?

BROOKE: (spoken)
Ms. Walker showed it to us earlier—

EMILE: (spoken)
And did Ms. Walker tell you how dangerous it is?
You didn’t go down there, did you?

BROOKE: (spoken)

ZEKE: (spoken)

BOTH: (spoken)

EMILE: (spoken)
You went down there? What did you see?

BROOKE: (spoken)
Nothing, really. It was too dark. What is that place?

EMILE: (spoken)
Just old tunnels under the school.
Nothing for you to be concerned about.
You should be more concerned with minding your own business.

This ain’t a place
To be sneakin’ around.
You could fall unless you
Watch your step!
You never know
What may lurk underground.
For real! You better
Watch your step!

You kids today,
You think you’re so darn tough.
Messin’ around,
You think you got it rough?
Well, you don’t know what rough is.
And unless you wanna
Wind up dead or worse,
Then you better

Watch your step,
Or you’re gonna get such a fright.
Mark my words, kids.
One wrong jump,
And suddenly, thump!
Now it’s you goin’ bump in the night!

So, you wanna know
What’s behind that door?
Or what might be lurking
Underneath the floor?
Trust me, you’re better off not sure.
You better watch your step.

It isn’t safe here. Take it from me.
When you roam these halls at night,
You see some things you can’t unsee.
All fun and games, until someone’s dropping
To their doom
(in a room that I just finished mopping.)

I’ve seen kids like you who think
That they’re invincible
Meet fates a whole lot worse
Than going to the principal.
Is there a ghost here?
Well, if you ask me…
There are about to be three!,
Unless you

Watch your step!
One wrong tumble is all it takes!
This thing’s deadly!
Who’d have thunk
This old piece of junk
Might need, I don’t know…
Functioning brakes?!

So, don’t play with traps.
It’s not worth the thrill.
And don’t think it can’t happen,
‘Cause it can and will,
Unless you do what I taughtcha.
You better watch your step.

Watch your step.

EMILE: (spoken)
Now you kids go home.
And I don’t want to see you here again.
(Pulls lever out) Ever.

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Goosebumps Watch Your Step Lyrics

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