Understudy Buddy Lyrics

2016 world premiere
Goosebumps The Musical - Understudy Buddy Lyrics

The song is written by Danny Abosch and John Maclay.

BROOKE: (spoken)
Hey, it’s Brooke. Leave a message! (beep)

TINA: (on phone)
Hey Brooke,
Just calling to say
I’m so sorry your best friend tried to ruin the play.
You looked spooked about that phantom thing,
So thought I’d give you a ring to brighten your day,

Just because I’m, like,
A really good friend.
And I care about you, brooke,
So don’t take this the wrong way,
I don’t mean to offend,
But if you feel as bad as you look, then:

Take your time. Don’t rush back.
I can cover esmerelda’s track while you’re gone.
And I’ll send you good vibes while I take the lead.
(Haha…literally!…just kidding…)

Don’t worry, brooke, I can handle it.
And every night,
I’ll say a prayer and keep a candle lit for you.
Your cover’s got it covered,
So take all the time you need.
Like a week.
Or a month.
Or a year.

Or the rest of your life.
Just kidding!

(Enter MS. WALKER.
She is carrying the contents
of the package she received earlier in the play.
Remember that moment? What was that all about?
It seemed odd at the time.
It is a stuffed or plastic fish.
I guess she is a collector or something.
Also the fish is red. And probably a herring.)

TINA: (spoken)
Hi, Ms. Walker. Tough rehearsal, huh?

MS. WALKER: (spoken)
Oh, Tina. I just don’t know what to do.

TINA: (spoken)
I know. Brooke’s just not cutting it.
Don’t worry. I’m ready to take over.

MS. WALKER: (spoken)
No, Tina. It’s Brooke’s part.
Brooke is Esmerelda and you are the understudy.
And it’s not her fault that…someone is disturbing rehearsals.

TINA: (spoken)
But Ms. Walker—

MS. WALKER: (spoken)
No, Tina. Now, where’s Zeke?

(MS. WALKER exits.)

TINA: (on phone)
Hey Brooke,
Hope you’re doing fine.
Figured I’d drop a line.
(Not literally, ’cause I… totally know all your lines.)

How’re you feeling, brooke?
The rumor backstage is
You’re super contagious,
…or injured your spine? I don’t know…

Well, hope you’re getting some rest.
It breaks my heart that you’re not well, you
Know, ‘cause I’m nice. And pretty much the best.
Which is why I should probably be the one to tell you:

Take your time. You looked awful.
You need sleep. Stay home and have a waffle (or two).
Let me know if I should tell ms. Walker you quit.
No one would blame you a bit!

No need to say “Thank you”. The advice is free.
Besides, I know you’d do the same for me, and more,
‘cause hey, what’s an understudy buddy for?

(Enter MS. WALKER.)

TINA: (spoken)
Hi, Ms. Walker!

MS. WALKER: (spoken)
No, Tina.

TINA: (spoken)
I am so ready!

MS. WALKER: (spoken)
No, Tina.

TINA: (spoken)

MS. WALKER: (spoken)
No, Tina.

(MS. WALKER exits.)

TINA: (on phone)
But seriously,
Take your time. Watch your back.
I mean… Don’t rush back.
I mean… you know what?

Don’t come back! Like, at all.
I’m sure they’ll do another play next fall.
But if you care about this show,
Don’t come back! You’re not ready!
Stay in bed with your teddy!

Brooke, I’ll miss you. I really will.
‘Cause yours are literally really big shoes to fill,
No offense.
(Not to mention so last year, AND KINDA SWEATY…)

So since you’re feeling unsteady,
And I know you have the play’s best interests at heart,
Let me do you a favor and take your part.
And if I stink as your stand-in for the phantom’s lover,
At least no one’s gonna judge ya, brooke, by your cover!

But I’ll be great, of course, to make you proud.
And I vow to think of you each night,
When I bow to the crowd
And I’m wowed by just how darn loud they roar!

(spoken) ‘Cause hey,
What’s an understudy buddy for?

Oh, by the way,
This is tina.

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Goosebumps Understudy Buddy Lyrics

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