My Story Lyrics

2016 world premiere
Goosebumps The Musical - My Story Lyrics

The song is written by Danny Abosch and John Maclay.

THE PHANTOM: (to Brooke, as Esmerelda)
My story is a sad one.
Tragic, one might say.
It begins long ago, when I, like you,
Was cast in a scary play.

The play was to be on this very stage.
I was to lead a first-rate cast.
It should have been the best night of my life!
Instead, it would be the last!

For my trapdoor was left ajar,
And in the dark, I stepped too far.
And I plunged down a deep and narrow hole.
I became a real phantom, but never wanted
To make this place seem haunted,
Just my chance to perform my starring role.

And now, I’ve  
Done what I’ve been waiting for,
Yet I’m torn once more,
For I didn’t expect to find
Someone who makes me feel
The way you do.
All at once,  
I’m old, and yet brand new,
Dead, but so alive,
And it’s all because of… you,

‘cause you’re kind and smart and silly,
And when you smile, even a really
Ghostly wind seems not so chilly.

So many lonely years it took until we met, and yet,
Meeting you, my esmerelda,
Was worth the terrible price I had to pay.  
And though I wish that I could stay,
I fear i really must be going.
I’ve found my peace, at last, just knowing
I’ve finally played the part that I was born to play,
Said the lines I’ve waited years to say.

And until you and I may
Meet again, some distant day,
Thank you
For giving me an ending
To my tragic play.

(To BROOKE alone) Goodbye, Esmerelda.

(THE PHANTOM backs off the stage
and disappears in a burst of smoke and fog.
Thunderous applause.
BROOKE stands there, stunned.
Blackout as applause rises.)

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Goosebumps My Story Lyrics

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