Hex - Sixteen Lyrics

2021 London
Hex the Musical - Sixteen Lyrics

The song was written by Jim Fortune and Rufus Norris.

Everyone I know is scared of living
Everyone I see is scrubbed and clean
Everyone I've ever met
So uptight, it's just obscene.

Everything I do just makes them frantic
Everything I say just turns them mean
Well I'm just gonna build myself a trampoline.
Oh, oh, oh...
So I can sail away
To that brilliant day
When I am sixteen

Every time I cry,
They think I'm dying.
Every time I yell,
They make a scene
Every time I speak the act
Like I'm the drama queen

Everywhere I climb they've
Locked the windows,
Everywhere I step they've already been
I'm just going to build myself a
Personal time machine.
Ooh, ooh, ooh...
So I can fly away
To that brilliant day.
When I'm sixteen
When I'm sixteen

Oh why
Am I never the one who decides what to do?
Oh why am I always the baby?
Oh why do all of my questions
Get answered with no
Never with yes
Oh how about even just maybe?
Well they can just jog on
'Cause I'll soon be gone
When I'm sixteen

I'm nearly sixteen
Maybe they'll actually like me
For who I've actually been
When I'm sixteen

Everyday I try to not be demented
Everyday I try to be serene
I try not to be me but
Always end up in between
Every night I dream that I'm that girl
Who flies away from all this fear
But every time I wake
I'm still here
But oh...

One night,
Wrong will be right
And it will be my day
When I'm sixteen
When I'm sixteen
When I'm sixteen
Ooh, ooh...
I'm gonna fly
Ooh, ooh...
I'm gonna run
Gonna dance
Gonna kick, I'm gonna row
I wanna be sixteen now
I'm gonna slam, I'm gonna bash
Gonna bust my way out.
Gonna do every awesome thing
That this boring, boring world won't allow
However, wherever, whatever, whoever
I'll win and I'll lose I'll laugh and
I'll cry and I'll go where
I choose and I'll never say why
I'll love and I'll hate all of the time
And I'll never hesitate cause I know
That I'm just going to make my life go
Wow, wow, wow...

And they'll be sorry round here
Cause I'll disappear
When I'm sixteen.

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