Hex - Probly Lyrics

2021 London
Hex the Musical - Probly Lyrics

The song was written by Jim Fortune and Rufus Norris.

Not gonna go
S'too far away
Got things to do,
Just gonna stay.

On the outside,
On the outside.
Probly it's dry.
Spect that it's clean.
Probly a home,
Fit for a queen.

Home is a place that I've never.
Inside is a place that
I've never not never.
This is the only place I've,
I've ever been on the outside,
On the outside.

Majin all the years
No one hear about.
Making nothing good,
On the side that's out.
Majin what it's like,
On the side that's in.
Maybe all the people,
Wond'ring where I've been.

Probly be glad to see a fairy
Like me within.
Everyone so bright laughing,
Probly a paradise of light,
And a baby all ungrown.
Waiting for my bless.
I know.
I know.
Fairies don't go on the inside,
(whispering) Unless
What would happen if I said,
If I said yes

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Hex the Musical Lyrics

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