London Calling - Spanish Grandee Lyrics

1923 West End, London
London Calling! the Musical - Spanish Grandee Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Noël Coward.

Spain with its mountains and streams
Is a country of dreams
Where romance always seems
To be found
There in the coolness of night
When the stars are alight
And the moonlight is bright
On the ground,
Spain sunshine and rain
Deep in my brain
Calling ever,
Spain must I remain
See you again
Never, never.

Somewhere there's a Spanish Grandee
Waiting for a lover like me
And while he whispers my name
My heart he'll claim
Under a flaming tangerine moon.
Swept off my feet
By kisses sweet
I hope I'll meet
Him terribly soon.
Some day we'll assuredly be
Lovers by the warm southern sea
With passion flowers swaying
And mandolins playing,
My thoughts ever straying
To my Spanish Grandee.

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London Calling! the Musical Lyrics

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