London Calling - Russian Blues Lyrics

1923 West End, London
London Calling! the Musical - Russian Blues Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Noël Coward.

I'm just a Russian Refugee,
There's nothing left in all the world for me,
But within my brain
I seem to hear those lovely melodies again
That made my Motherland what she used to be,
I'm weary and my heart is sore
For, even though I do return once more,
Skies are overcast
And I'll have nothing but my memories of the past
To make me weep for days that have gone before.

All day long I've got those Russian Blues,
The blues I'll never lose
Until I die.
For while I'm sleeping,
The lovely melodies come creeping,
Just to remind me of days gone by.
Fairy tales
That I learnt at my mother's knee,
And the echo of nightingales
In a magical tree.
Then I find I'm waking with a sigh,
That's the reason why
I've got those Russian Blues.

Bowled over, bowled over,
Morning noon and night
I'm simply longing for the sight
Of dear old Petrograd and Moscow gay
And the jolly little tinkle of a bell upon a sleigh!
The Northern lights gleaming,
Samovars steaming,
Maybe I'll return some day.
It may be hysteria
But even if it means Siberia
Start your locomotive, rock your little boat,
I shall feel so happy when I know that I'm afloat,
I've been too long away.

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