London Calling - There's Life in the Old Girl Yet Lyrics

1923 West End, London
London Calling! the Musical - There's Life in the Old Girl Yet Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Noël Coward.

I'm a naughty little lady,
Full of winsome girlish tricks;
Though I'm rather past my heyday,
I began with Seymour Hicks:
With the chorus boys behind me
I'm a sight you can't forget,
Though the years have rather lined me
I am still a firm soubrette.

Tell us why, tell us which, tell us what, tell us how;
Tell us when, tell us soon, tell us now.

(Refrain 1:)
They call me Kitty,
Because I'm pretty,
And because I have a dainty curl;
Men pursue me and woo me, and ask me to dine
But I'm always in bed by a quarter past nine:
I'm awfully sporty

And I'll be forty
On October the twenty-third:
Though there may be one or two notes
That I can't quite get,
There's life in the old girl yet.

I'm as playful as a kitten,
Love has seldom passed me by;
I have more than once been bitten,
Though I'm hardly ever shy,
Though if Winter came, my style would
Be a little undermined;
Still the Spring of second childhood
Can't be very far behind.

Pretty soon, pretty near, pretty quaint, pretty queer;
Pretty poll, pretty pet, pretty dear.

(Refrain 2:)
They call me Flossie,
Because I'm mossy,
And because I always go the pace;
I show traces of laces, and silk underneath,
I'm as old as my tongue but much older than my teeth:
My Goodness Gracious
I'm so vivacious,
Always ready for a kiss or two:
Though at one time people always called me 'Gladstone's Pet',
Still, there's life in the old girl yet.

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London Calling! the Musical Lyrics

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