Leap of Faith - Rise Up (Reprise) Lyrics

The Broadway Musical
Leap of Faith - Rise Up (Reprise) Lyrics

Tell me what did we do coming out of the stakes
With no folks, no dough, the whole world unknown,
Just two scared kids trying to make it?

Rise up

And what did we do in the spring of '06
When they tossed me in jail and we couldn't make bail
And you lived in the car 'till I was back on the street?

Yeah, good times!

If there's one damn thing I know for sure
We gotta keep on moving.
This town is a convenience store,
Breeze in, stack up and go.

All we need is just one major score
For things to start improving.
Trust me Sam, we'll rise up.

And what if we don't?

Sure it's looking bad.
What else is new?

What's the plan?

Not a clue.

We'll pull through somehow, we always do.
Gotta take a leap of faith.

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Rise Up Reprise lyrics Leap of Faith

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