Leap of Faith - Fox in the Henhouse Lyrics

The Broadway Musical
Leap of Faith - Fox in the Henhouse Lyrics

Out here in the country, we’re simple hearted hicks
All moony-eyed and innocent as fluffy little chicks
But though we ain’t so worldly, hell, most are dumb as rocks
We know that where there’s chickens, there’s bound to be a fox

You got me wrong sister.

Do I?

Now me, I’m just a farm girl, I’ve barely left the nest:
City lights, the great wide world, ain’t seen ‘em on a test.
But I’ve seen lots of foxes, enough to write a book!
And mister, I’m quite certain that I recognize your look:

You’re a fox in the henhouse, it’s clear as clear can be.
The twinkling eyes, the devilish grin, the flash and filigree.
But though you’re quick and cunning mister, I can guarantee:
A fox like you don’t fool a chick like me.

You got all that on your first read?

Just by looking at the cover.

You still want to thumb the pages, don’t you?

Now foxes, they look dashing,

Oh, yeah,

And foxes they talk  sweet.

Uh huh,
But foxes, they get hungry, and chicken’s what they eat.

Is that right?
Well, I may look like dinner

Uh huh,

But me, I’m no one’s dupe.
And I know what you’re doing creeping round this chicken coop.
Now a fox like you, you’re thinking that chasing this chicken might be fun.

Yeah, a fox like me, I’m thinking about plucking those feathers one by one.

You’re thinking about sinking your teeth right in,

Let the juices runnin’ all down my chin!

Bet you didn’t think you were talking to the county sheriff?

County sheriff? You?

This flock of mine, they’re suffering.
They’re reeling from the drought.
They want someone to save them.
That’s why I want you out.
Three days, fine, that I’ll give you,
then go, go somewhere far.
‘Cause me, I ain’t no chicken,
but I know damn well what you are.

You’re a fox in the henhouse, a crooked SOB.
A travelin’ con who better move on and leave my people be.
To mess with this here henhouse,
you’ll regret it, watch and see.
A fox like you don’t fool a chick like me.

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