Fearless (Reprise) Lyrics

2018 Broadway
MEAN GIRLS the Musical - Fearless (Reprise) Lyrics

I sound like a monster and maybe
That's so
I was offered bad choices
But I could've said no
I'm back to lunch in the bathroom stall
Hunching my shoulders to make myself small

They're walking right by
Like I'm not even there
And then they stare
And yes, I do care

Is not a word I'd use for me now

If I were fearless
I'd've make better decisions
But fearless, may be the one
Thing I can be now

No friends, nothing to lose, find my
Way back and thuly choose to be...

I wrote it.

I wrote that Ms. Norbury is a drug pusher
And It's a lie.

Three weeks suspension and you're
Banned from spring fling.

I will try to be fearless...

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