Mean Girls the musical - Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise 2) Lyrics

2018 Broadway
MEAN GIRLS the Musical - Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise 2) Lyrics

"Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise 2)" is a song from Mean Girls the Musical performed by Barrett Wilbert Weed (Janis) and Grey Henson (Damian).

CADY: (spoken)
Janis, I can’t spend every second with you,
It’s not my fault that you’re like in love with me or something

DAMIAN: (spoken)
Oh, no, she didn’t

JANIS: (spoken)
See? That is the thing with you Plastics.
You think that everyone is in love with you when actually everyone hates you

CADY: (spoken)
You made me like this it was your idea for me to pretend to be Plastic

JANIS: (spoken)
No that’s…
Buddy, it’s not pretend
You’re as plastic as they come
You think your shit don't stink
You think the rest of us are dumb

I hate Regina’s guts
But here’s what you can’t comprehend
At least she has the guts to not pretend
To be my friend…
Here have it, it won a prize

CADY: (spoken)
Janis. I…

No. It’s fine
Really fine
We’ll be fine

And I want my pink shirt

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Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise 2) lyrics from Mean Girls the musical